Request a seal

Request a seal

As a certified Trust Service Provider, we also offer qualified and advanced seals in addition to electronic signatures. 

In this tutorial, we have illustrated the sealing process step by step for you.

Alternatively, we have also written down the instructions for you:

Apply for a seal

Step 1: Sign up for a Business or Enterprise SIGN8 account. 

Step 2: Then go to the administration area of your account and click on the ‘Request seal’ button.

Step 3: A form will now appear, which must be filled out completely and truthfully.

Please pay particular attention to typing errors and ensure that all your details match the details in the commercial register. Then click on ‘Send’. 

Qualified signature of seal application

Step 4: We will now check your details within the next 48 hours. After successful verification, you will receive an e-mail from us with an invitation to a signature workflow.
You will now be asked to sign the seal application with a qualified signature. To do this, click on "Go to workflow" and "Login".   

Step 5: Check your contact details an klick on "Confirm Contact Details". The seal application will now also appear with the information you have entered and the signature field provided. Check all the information here too and click on "Next".  


Step 6: If you are signing qualified for the first time, you must now identify yourself. If you already have a valid certificate with SIGN8, this step will be skipped. If you need more information about the identification options, click here. 

Step 7: After successful identification, you will be asked to assign a certificate password. You can choose this password freely and will be requested for future qualified signatures. Once you have completed all the fields, your seal application will be signed with a qualified signature. You can then download it.  

Seal creation & use

Step 8: We will now create your seal and notify you by e-mail as soon as it can be used. 

Step 9: If you want to seal your EPREL application, please make sure to register in the EPREL database in advance and select "NTR" under the Identity Type Reference. Once you have successfully registered with EPREL, you will receive a PDF which must now be sealed in a qualified manner. Use the Quick Sign function of our SIGN8 app for this. There you can easily upload your EPREL application using drag & drop.

Note: If you want to seal a document that is not intended for the EPREL database, you can proceed as follows:   

Step 10: Select "Qualified seal" in the upper menu field, place the signature field with the mouse pointer on the desired position in the document (xS symbol) and then click on "Sign".

Step 11: You will now be asked to enter your certificate password again, which you assigned immediately after identification, as well as an SMS token that was sent at the same time.  Then click on "Sign now". You can now download your sealed EPREL document and upload it to the EPREL database.

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